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This sums up my life pretty well

This seriously happened to me many times in high school

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Expecto Patronum.


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i cannot believe that we were robbed of this book scene

This is no joke. These are direct lines from the book.

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*Do NOT delete text; it won’t show on your blog.

I truly mean this when I say this to you. I have a link to my story on my blog, so you know I’m completely real, my dear. I’m telling you now, if you ever need someone to simply be there for you, offer advice, or simply spill your heart out to in a desperate rant, I’m here for that. You could message me on Tumblr, or head over to my blog and click the link entitled “contact”. I’ve been on the edge, and if you are, don’t hesitate to talk to me, alright? I’m a realist, and some things I say may offend others, but one thing I hate is cliches. I’m not going to tell you to “stay strong” and that “things will get better”, because we all know that those thoughts will linger in your mind for the rest of your life. For the four years I’ve suffered from my mental illness’, I’ve collected stories and ways to cope in times of utter misery. Just an option for you all, alright?

Here are a few websites that could ease your mind:

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Disney 2013 - Fairytale Curves (by luthi726)

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The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them

(Source: simpl-ic-ity)

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I wonder if artists get jealous when other artists cover their songs and sing it better than they originally did

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how did they learn to translate languages into other languages how did they know which words meant what HOW DID TH

English Person: *Points at an apple* Apple

French Person: Non c’est une fucking pomme 

*800 years of war*